Musical Numbers

Musical Numbers 

Act I

A Cinema in Buenos Aires - Chorus

Requiem for Evita - Chorus

Oh What a Circus  - Eva, Che, 4 Girls, Chorus

On This Night of a Thousand Stars - Eva, Magaldi, Che, Family, Brother, Sisters, Chorus

Buenos Aires - Eva

Goodnight and Thank You - Che, Eva, Lovers

The Art of the Possible - President, Peron, 4 Officers, Eva, Chorus

Charity Concert - Magaldi, Eva, Peron, Chorus

I’d Be Surprisingly Good for You - Eva, Peron

Another Suitcase in Another Hall - Mistress, Eva, Che, Boys

Peron’s Latest Flame - Che, Aristocrats, Army, Heavies

A New Argentina - Eva, Peron, Che, Officials, Workers, Chorus

Act II

On the Balcony of the Casa Rosada/Don’t Cry for Me Argentina - Eva, Che, Peron, Chorus

High Flying, Adored - Che, Eva

Rainbow High - Eva, Men

Rainbow Tour Peron - Che, Eva, Admiral, Officers, Chorus

The Chorus Girl Hasn’t Learned the Lines (You’d Like to Hear) - Eva, Che, Aristocrats

And the Money Kept Rolling In (And Out) - Che, Chorus

Santa Evita - Che, Children, Workers

Waltz for Eva and Che - Che, Eva

You Must Love Me - Eva

She is a Diamond - Peron, Officers

Dice are Rolling - Eva, Peron

Eva’s Final Broadcast - Che, Eva

Montage - Che, Peron, Magaldi, Chorus

Lament - Eva, Mourners, Chorus

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