Evita 2021

2021 saw the return of live theatre and what better show to bring AMT back after the pandemic than Evita?!

The rehearsal process proved challenging to start with with only 6 people being allowed in a room at anytime but when the final 'unlocking' date for England came in the middle of July, we were quick to ramp up rehearsals for all and really power through this challenging show.

November came in a flash and after months of rehearsals, opening night had very quickly arrived. The week of the run prooving a success with virtually sold out perfomances each night. A perfectly ballanced mix of stellar cast, wonderful musicians, glorius sound and lighting with brilliant direction and choreography (and not forgetting the brilliant work of the stage crew too!), Evita will be one of the shows that both cast, crew and audiences will remember for years to come! 

Director: Kelly Apps

Musical Director: Joseph Binmore

Choreographer: Jodie Glover

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